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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Guide to Plan an Amazing Trip to Amsterdam

Going to Amsterdam
The peak season to visit Amsterdam is between the months of June and September. Obviously, during this period, the city is crowded with tourists, and one has to pay higher prices for accommodation. Therefore, visiting the city during the off-season can be beneficial, in that you can not only avoid large crowds, but you will also get some really cheap lodging deals.
The off-season is from October to May; however, it should be noted that Amsterdam is cold and receives periodic showers during this time. So, if you are ready to experience the cold and wetness of the city, visit it during this time, and you will surely save a lot of bucks!
Booking Airline Tickets
Your very first step in planning a budget vacation to the gorgeous Dutch capital is to get good deals on airline tickets. While you can book directly from the airline itself, it is better to compare prices offered by various travel websites, such as Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz. These websites often have some of the best deals on airline tickets, which can help save a significant amount of money.
Staying in the City
Amsterdam offers a wide range of accommodations that can suit every budget. Hostels offer the cheapest accommodation in the city, especially if you are visiting during the off-season.
Peak season prices are much higher, as mentioned above. There are a number of budget hotels and B&Bs as well. It should be kept in mind that cheap accommodation options will not offer you many services. Moreover, they might not even have elevators, but only steep staircases. However, if you are willing to compromise on the amenities, these places can help save a substantial amount of money.
Getting Around the City
According to Lonely Planet, the taxis of Amsterdam are amongst the most expensive ones in the whole of Europe. So, opt for them only if you have no other option. The cheapest, rather free, option to get around the city is on foot. It is absolutely overwhelming to walk around Amsterdam and explore its culture. If you intend to make longer commutes, trams and buses are affordable options.

However, if you wish to avoid public transport and explore the city on your own, you can also rent a bicycle from one of the local agencies for an affordable cash deposit.
Food and Drink
Amsterdam has numerous cheap snacking options to choose from; however, these are not always healthy. If you are looking for a budget meal, the various Falafel and Shawarma restaurants in the city are excellent options. Avoid eating fast food snacks from coin-operated walls―the quality can be really horrible. Indulge in drinks at hostels as they offer some of the best deals in the city.
Most have their own bars that offer really cheap beers. Coffee shops can be found in abundance around the city, which also offer an extremely cozy atmosphere.
✲ Quick Tip: Due to the legal drug culture in Amsterdam, some of its coffee shops and snack bars do use them in their preparations. So, if you are buying food for your family, do not hesitate to inquire whether any drugs have been used in the items that you have ordered.
The key to plan an affordable trip to Amsterdam is to plan well in advance. However, once you are in the city, it is also very important that you keep your hands away from your pockets for as long as possible. Amsterdam has several tourist traps, and you never seem to realize how and where you tend to spend. So, enjoy Amsterdam, but do not get carried away by its glitz and glamor.

Travel Hacks to Oregon

What kind of an Oregon trip are you looking for?
For starters, you need to pick a few activities that are on your mind, since that will decide which part of the state you’ll be heading to. Having said that, it doesn’t matter if all you want to do is nothing, since a vacation in Oregon can be a complete leisure/pleasure trip as well.
What is the best time to be there?
Any time is a good time to be in Oregon, as most of the state experiences mild winters and dry summers. The western third of the state sees heavy rainfall during the winters owing to its proximity to the ocean. So, if you’re planning a Pacific coastline road trip, schedule your trip in the summer. The deserts of central Oregon sees visitors both in the summer and winter as well, bringing trekkers and skiers in the respective seasons. If a visit to the Willamette Valley is on the agenda, the summer season would be perfect to visit the wineries in the region. Also, October would be a great time to visit if you’re interested in the grape harvesting season.
What is the best means of transport to get around?
Most tourists coming here love to indulge in outdoor activities that the state is famous for. The best means to travel within the state would be by car, which makes way for flexible traveling, whether you wish to visit the national parks, hit the beach, or check out the wineries. Also, this is the only way to access the more remote regions of the state and spend your time at leisure. Car rentals in the state are fairly abundant, and fit most budgets. Keep in mind, however, that there are several remote areas, especially in the eastern part of the state where you’ll have trouble finding a gas station, so be vigilant about the gasoline levels in your car.
What can we look forward to experience?
The wineries and cuisine of Oregon have always been a tourist magnet. The mild weather yields some excellent natural produce, including berries and mushrooms. The locally-raised meats, along with seafood is what puts this state on the culinary map. The state is also home to several wineries, producing world-renowned Pinot Noirs.

Beijing’s Marvelous Attractions

Places to Visit in Beijing

The capital city of China, the mesmerizing Beijing, offers multitude of options for kids to enjoy their journey to the fullest. There are some fascinating tourist attractions in Beijing, dedicated exclusively to kids. Beijing attractions for kids include amusement parks, water parks, science museums and what not. Kids will have a life-time experience from their trip to Beijing because there are some excellent options for them to freely enjoy.

Journey Around the World in Beijing World Park
With nearly 1.5 million visitors flocking to this park, every year, it is not a surprise if you get lost in this huge 46.7 hectare area theme park. It was built in 1993 with the sole aim of providing its visitors unique experience of the world community without leaving Beijing. The most fascinating attraction inside this park is that it includes miniature models of nearly 100 famous world monuments. Right from India’s Taj Mahal to America’s Empire State building, it includes almost all monuments you can think about. It is open from April to October for visitors. Besides the opportunity to see world-class attractions in mini sized models, made almost of the same materials as the original one’s, this world park will give your kids a slide show depicting the world. The journey will make you feel as if you have seen the entire world in a day. Music, dance, food and drinks from different parts of the world are some other things that kids can enjoy in this park.

Get Mesmerized at Sony ExploraScience Museum
This science museum will amuse your kids to the core. It doesn’t matter, if they are still not interested in science, numerous things in this museum are bound to enthrall them. Located in Chaoyang Park, this high tech, interactive museum will certainly bewitch them by the wonders of latest technology and human interaction.

Experience the Real Kung Fu
Your family, especially your kids who must be in awe of the Kung Fu Panda, will be delighted to see some real Kung Fu fighting. In Beijing, Kung Fu shows are organized at various places, as a part of cultural events. Don’t you dare to miss them.

Be Friends with the Pandas
In the Beijing Zoo, kids will find numerous varieties of animals and they will also get a chance to see Pandas. Well, kids would certainly wish, if it was the Kung Fu panda, their cuddly Po. Observing rare Pandas from up close will really make your kids exhilarated.

Go for a Toy Shopping Bonanza
Chinese markets are known for variety of toys and that too, at affordable prices. Enter with your kids in famous toy markets in Beijing and you will find it difficult to leave it without buying anything. Stuffed pandas, helicopters, dolls and any other toy, you always wanted to gift to your kids, these toy super markets will surely be an answer to your kids dream world.

Explore the Phenomenal Marine World
Imagine watching killer sharks, sea lions and dolphins all through the windows in the walls of an aquarium. It would indeed be mesmerizing to experience marine life so closely. Hailed to be the largest inland aquarium in the world, the Beijing Aquarium in Haidian District, houses nearly 1,000 species of freshwater fish and marine animals. It is located inside the Beijing Zoo.

Sweat Out on the Greatest Wall in the World
One of the best Beijing attractions for kids is to explore the Great Wall of China. The most enjoyable section for children would be the Mutianyu section. It is the best preserved part of this magnificent wall and is opened to visitors. It consists of 22 watch towers in which you can go and watch the magnificent China and forest and woodland surrounding the Great wall. Your teenager kids will love some adventurous stuff on the Great Wall of China, like hiking or the cable car ride. You shouldn’t miss the experience of sleeping on the Great Wall because accommodation is provided in the watch towers.

The Land of Golden Sun and Sand in Australia

In the 17th century, numerous European explorers sailed the coast of Australia, then called New Holland. And then, it was in 1770 when the famous Captain James Cook came along, claiming it for Britain. Australia’s story is a rich and varied mix of events brimming with battlers, bushrangers, and soldiers, the aboriginal belief of a time called the Dreamtime, when noncreation created spirits and totemic ancestors – all which mainly outline its history and myth.

Australia is a place of neither bounds nor boundaries, where wild and humbling rain forests fringe brazen modern cities, throbbing with life. The unfathomable Aboriginal soul of the people who came there 50,000 years ago from South East Asia, during the last Ice Age, still thrives, uninterrupted by the whirlwind of urbanization. It is the sixth largest country in the world and has the lowest population density. It has bloomed into a raging zest of cultures, mingling landscapes of coasts, rain forests, deserts, mountains, cities, quaint towns, that all come together to form a heady and mellifluous whole, making it one of the dreamiest travel destinations in the world.

Melbourne, Victoria
Too much shall be missed in the blink of an eye in this place of elegance, bustling culture, and world-class events. There’s a generous amplitude of entertainment for everyone who comes here. The Queen Victoria Market for people who love to shop till they drop, picking berries on berry farms, and tasting in wineries for keen oenophiles; cafes, Italian trattorias, and fine restaurants for those devoted to pleasures of the table and wanting to experience all the flavors of the city and the world; kayaking down the Yarra River, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground for sports nuts; souls who’d like to lose themselves in hidden bars and sprawled surreptitious laneways; lovers of art, fashion, music, theater, and festivals; beaches such as St. Kilda to windsurf, sail, or kiteboard; ambling along the riverside experiencing the nightlife of Southbank that stretches along the Yarra River, and the Federation Square dotted with culture cafes, lush gardens, and a whole lot more! Melbourne has a perfect, dizzyingly-intoxicating mix for everybody. When here, you’ll find yourself believing that life’s certainly been unfair by not giving you an eternity to explore and experience the excitement of an opulent diversity!
Perth, Western Australia
Perth is the capital and the largest city situated in Western Australia. Swan River, skyscrapers, the night city-lights, 40 vineyards, and the Perth Zoo, Rottnest Island are among the many other things this city has to offer. Amaze yourself in the Botanic Garden with the burnished beauty and delirious diversity of wildflowers. You could indulge in some fresh seafood from the Indian Ocean at any of the restaurants on Fishing Boat Harbor. For the historically inclined, there is Fremantle Prison, the city’s first jail, and the old Shipwreck Museum in Cliff Street. There is a whole busking lot on the heritage-listed streets here. Sea lions, bottle-nosed dolphins, and humpback whales at Marmion Marine Park on Trigg Beach are the wild-friendly lot for you to meet. Cottesloe Beach is great for you to sit at swanky open-air cafes. You could scuba-dive shipwrecks from the seaside towns of Yanchep or Two Rock, and then, visit the picturesque laid-back Yanchep Lagoon for a lovely picnic.