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Travel by bus and enjoy your trip in an excellent way

Everyone loves to travel from one place to the other place by using the most comfortable transport mode. The world is offering plenty of transport facilities that make people have a convenient journey. It is highly important to choose the best traveling agency to have a comfortable trip. There are many travel agencies that are now offering all the facilities for the passenger to make them reach the desired place in the most convenient way. As per the review, many people have considered bus as the most satisfied transport that makes people reach the place safely. Usually, many people are afraid of traveling by bus mainly for booking their tickets. This is because people has to stand in a long queue and will wait to get the tickets. This type of traditional booking system has made people especially the working people inconvenient. Thus, the experts have introduced the online booking system that makes the people book their bus tickets easily. There are many traveling agencies that makes you get the bus easily book tickets for your family by using the internet facilities. Search through an online site and gather all information regarding the facilities of the bus from melaka to kl in an elegant manner.

Choose the required seat easily

There are many facilities and services offered to the people that make everyone more comfortable in traveling through the bus system. The traditional ticket booking system has been completely eliminated and the now people are booking through the online site. And now you can travel by bus from melaka to kl with the help of the traveling agency in a convenient manner. This traveling agency will help you to book the tickets for you as well as your family. People can enjoy their traveling by booking their favorite as well as a comfortable seat. This is available by choosing the required seat for your friends and family members.

Search through the online site and gather all the necessary information that is required for you regarding the advanced ticket booking system. Using this transport services you can reach the destination place at the right time in an excellent manner. Almost all the people will love to have their journey to be a convenient one as well as the safest one. This traveling agency will satisfy all your needs by providing the well-experienced driver that makes you reach the required place at the perfect time in the safest manner.



Best Place to Watch Sunrise in The World

World’s Best Sunrises
Seeing the Sun rise is truly enchanting and yes, romantic, if you are accompanied by a loved one. Many people from across the world are seen flocking to certain places, merely for experiencing the spectacle. If watching the sunrise early in the morning seems just as heavenly to you as well, you have landed on the right page. We, at Buzzle, have brought you a list of some of the best places in the world to watch the sunrise, which will set your spirits soaring.
Angkor Wat
Location: Siem Reap, CambodiaThe ancient Khmer temple of Angkor Wat has always been a symbol of power and might, but the early morning spectacle at the site is absolutely overwhelming. It is indeed very fascinating to watch this historic monument illuminate with the first rays of the Sun, and the still water of the lake in front of it getting colored with different beatific hues. Tourists trek to the temple early in the morning to watch the magic happen.

Ahu Tongariki
Location: Easter Island, ChileThe sensational Chilean site lined with 15 colossal statues of the maoi is famous all over the world. It is one of the most impressive sites on the Easter Island, and it is so for more reasons than one. One of the most breathtaking sunrises in the world can be seen at Ahu Tongariki, as the Sun’s first rays unhurriedly peek from behind the massive statues, and seem to unravel their mystery before the world.

Location: Salisbury, EnglandOne of the most magnificent astronomical edifices of the ancient world, the Stonehenge (according to research) was deliberately planned in such a way that the first rays of the midsummer morning’s Sun shone into the monument’s center, and illuminated the heel stone. And so it does, even today! Special tours are arranged to watch this spectacle come alive, and all visitors are truly mesmerized by the sight of the red rim of the Sun rising over the silhouetted horizon. It feels as if the mighty boulders have suddenly come to life!

Location: Al Omraneyah, EgyptAs majestic and timeless as the pyramids of Giza are, it is just as spellbinding to watch the Sun slowly creep upwards from behind their silhouetted forms. It is absolutely awe-inspiring to observe how the first rays of the heavenly ball of fire brighten the peaks of the mighty Egyptian pyramids, giving them a slightly golden hue before lighting up the immense desert landscape that lays ahead.

Surfers Paradise
Location: Gold Coast, AustraliaHome to one of the most iconic beachfronts in Australia, the Surfers Paradise beach is also a great place to see the world come to life. Everything from the waters to the sky to the high-rise buildings lining the shore, suddenly take on bright shades of orange, yellow, and gold. Numerous tourists assemble on the beach early in the morning to say “hello” to the morning Sun.

Grand Canyon
Location: Arizona, USAOne of the most splendid sunrises in Continental United States can be seen across the Grand Canyon. When cool purples seem to melt into the warm shades of orange and red, all one can do is admire. It is utterly fantastic to see the valleys of the Canyon suddenly lighten up as the Sun’s rays make their way through them. Watching the breathtaking scenery coming into view is just heavenly.

Tower Bridge
Location: London, United KingdomWhen it comes to world’s most spectacular sunrises, London’s Tower Bridge certainly deserves a place. The silhouette of the bridge slowly starts glowing in the shades of bronze and red, and the water of the Thames also acquires similar hues, only to bewitch the human mind. One of the most picture-perfect locations in the world, the Tower Bridge seems even more enchanting at sunrise.

The Great Wall of China
Location: ChinaThe Great Wall of China, one of the most iconic landmarks of China and the world, is spreads across numerous parts of modern-day China. An undisputed haven of hikers, it also boasts of having several spots from where tourists can have spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset. To watch the spectacle, people start climbing really early in the morning, when it is pitch dark, in order to reach the spot from where they can see the Sun rising upwards. The way in which the surrounding countryside lights up with the morning rays of the Sun is remarkable.

Nagarkot Village
Location: Bhaktapur District, NepalThe mighty Himalayas have always been a subject of great curiosity and fascination, and if there is one place that offers glorious views of these imposing peaks in the early morning hours, it is unarguably, Nagarkot. A popular destination with honeymooners, the village boasts of one of the most romantic sunrises in the world. The first rays of the Sun lighting up the Himalayan peaks with tints of orange, red, and gold is a sight to behold. Simply mesmerizing.

River Ganges
Location: Varanasi, IndiaUnlike any other place on earth, Varanasi is a different world in itself. Among the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities, Varanasi is closely hugged by Hinduism’s holiest river, the Ganges. The sunrise over the divine waters of the Ganges is spectacular in its own right. It livens up its banks, as people enter the waters to bathe and perform their first prayers, and boats start ferrying up and down the river. Unlike anywhere else in the world where sunrise might be viewed as a serene spectacle, this one is accompanied by early morning chants and prayers of people, an altogether different experience.

Best Place to Watch Sunset in The World

Grand Canyon, Arizona
Mesa Arch Sunset
Grand Canyon, Arizona is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is famous not only for its size, but also for the beautiful scenic views it offers. The views are so wonderful that they can leave you possessed for days. The month of May and October are the driest amongst all and are best to visit Grand Canyon. Three fantastic scenic view points are developed on the North Rim namely Cape Royal, Point Imperial and Point Sublime. The sunsets from these points are spectacular to watch. It is the time when the Grand Canyon shows the depth of nature’s beauty. Many people stand on the rim with their hands in the air, as if to offer a solemn salute to nature and surrendering to the ultimate power of Grand Canyon maker. These actions give a spiritual touch to the visit and make the Grand Canyon stand apart from other sunset spots.
Taj Mahal, India
Sunset Over Taj Mahal
The term Taj refers to the crown and Taj Mahal signifies it as the crowning glory of all the man-made structures. It is the exuberant monument of love and beauty. It is one of the seven wonders of the world and most visited places in Agra, India. It is also the most photographed monument. The movement of the Sun from east to west has several light effects on the Taj Mahal. It blushes in the rosy glow of the dawn and it appears pinkish orange in the dusk. But, the most breathtaking view of Taj is from an octagonal tower of the Red Fort across the river Jamuna.
Cape Town, South Africa
Table Mountain Sunset
Cape Town is the mother city of South Africa. It is located at the southern tip of the African continent. One of the best views of sunset in Cape Town is from the Table Mountain Silhouette. Table Mountain is one of the famous places to visit in Cape Town. The highest point of this range is Maclears Beacon. It is around 1,087m high. At the time of sunset, the viewer standing inland can experience the African landscape becoming golden. Also the sunset from the Dolphin beach in Blouberg gives you an opportunity to have an awesome view of the Table Mountain.
Silhouette of Buildings at Water Front, Singapore
Skyline Of Singapore
The extravagant Twin Towers offer an awesome view of the vibrant city. It is situated in the heart of Singapore’s financial center. The architectural credit of silhouette of buildings goes to Carlos Otts. It is the perfect location for the people who want to enjoy life to the fullest as it offers a spectacular view of sunset.
Another best place to watch sunset, in Singapore, is the Sentosa Island. Out of the 63 islands, Sentosa Island is the 5th largest island located in Singapore. The name of the Island comes from the terms peace and quiet in Malaya dialect. On the contrary, in the past it was referred to as the Death Island. No one knows the exact reason behind it but, it was probably related to the pirates that sailed around. The sunset views from the beaches here will make you feel breathless for sure.
Santorini, Greece
Santorini Sunset
Beaches are the perfect places to watch sunset. It offers you a look of the never ending sky, filled with extravagant shades of colors with the setting Sun showing its grandeur. Santorini Beaches possess typical beach characteristics of long stretches of black sand and small black pebbles. It is a unique feature for a beach to have and it is because of the volcanic origin of the island.
Other Greek islands like Naxos, Los and Mykonos have golden sand beaches. All the beaches are surrounded by spectacular rock arrangements. The Perissa and Kamari beaches are most famous beaches located in the eastern part of the Greece. Apart from these, there are two more interesting beaches, one is called Kokinni Ammos and the other is Aspri Ammos. Kokinni means red in Greek which complements the sand on this beach which is reddish in color, whereas Aspri means white and there are white cliffs from where you get the beach view. They are also called Red Beach and White Beach and are adjacent to each other.
Sunset! Though it is a daily happening, it looks different from every place on each day. Watching it gives so deep a pleasure that is not easily definable. Every one cherishes the sweet memories of such moments and steals a smile from them when the going is tough. I am sure, the above article will tempt you to visit a sunset point.

Best Place to See Beautiful Flowers in The World

Tulips ( Haarlem, The Netherlands )
When to Visit: Mid-March – Mid-May
Haarlem (or Harlem) has been the most sought-after tulip destination since the 1630s, and is a major trading center even today. It is not just Haarlem, but most of Holland is world-famous for its tulip expo and festivals. With around 7 million flower bulbs blooming each season, Keukenhof is the main attraction when it comes to visiting tulip fields.
Lavenders ( Provence, France )
When to Visit: July – August
Since ages, lavender has been used as a scent for linens and bathing water. These sprawling landscapes of lavender are seen in the Sault area, covering the base of Mont Ventoux. The color of these beautifully-scented flowers vary from violet to indigo. If you prefer seeing a dash of yellow too, do visit Luberon, where you’ll witness sunflowers growing alongside the elegantly-textured lavenders.
Daffodils ( Cornwall, England )
When to Visit: March – April
Daffodils in England help spring to arrive in style with their canary-yellow trumpets and slender appearance. Apart from Cornwall, you can visit Cotswolds too for the pleasant experience of seeing hundreds of daffodils. Go ahead, bring out the William Wordsworth in you.
Cherry Blossoms ( Tokyo, Japan )
When to Visit: March – April
‘Hanami’, the age-old tradition of having a picnic under a cherry blossom tree is practiced and enjoyed even today. These white- and pink-flowers are seen in thousands in the Yasukuni Shrine of Tokyo. With numerous flowers lining the streets of Japan in spring, this destination should not miss your bucket list!
Sunflowers ( Tuscany, Italy )
When to Visit: Mid-July
There is no better way to describe summer than a vibrant yellow sea of sunflowers; and if that is what you’re looking for, Tuscany is the place to be. Although native to North America and South America, the sunflower has almost become synonymous to the sultry summer Italy offers.
Bluebonnets ( Texas, USA )
When to Visit: April
The state flower of Texas, bluebonnets make this area feature on the list of places to visit, not only for humans, but also for bees. Such is the number of these flowers, that the entire state of Texas is painted with blue during spring. The next time you drive or ride through this state, do capture the picturesque panorama.
Poppies ( California, USA )
When to Visit: Mid-February – Mid-May
The effect of spring is such that even the driest of deserts can come to life; the Mojave Desert is one such example. The Antelope Valley of the Mojave desert in California is particularly famous for the pretty picture it paints with blooming orange-colored peppy poppies spreading across the horizon.
Rapeseeds ( Luoping County, Yunnan, China )
When to Visit: February – Early April
Now, this is one destination that is a heaven on Earth for all photographers. The stunning yellow rapeseed flowers put up quite a show in the small Luoping County of China. Despite its puzzling weather, which can vary each day, these continuous stretches of fields never fail to impress its audience.
Russell Lupines ( Lake Tekapo, Canterbury, New Zealand )
When to Visit: Mid-November – January
Only a handful of places offer the kind of visual treat Lake Tekapo provides with its aquamarine-colored water, lined with Russell lupines. The hues of purple of the lupines act as a piece of puzzle that fits perfectly in the backdrop of a crystal clear lake and the Southern Alps.
Desert Flowers ( Namaqualand Desert Region, South Africa )
When to Visit: August – October
Take the road less traveled and go for a safari in the semi-arid region of South Africa. The vivacious display of wild flowers is bound to leave you flabbergasted. Here, around 4,000 different species of flowering plants have been recorded so far; and I am pretty sure none of them will let you down!

Best Place to Shopping in The World

Abdi Ipekçi Street
Where: Şişli, Istanbul

A shopping oasis in Istanbul, here you will find luxurious retail stores offering both Turkish and international designer labels on either side of the street. Rest those tired legs at exclusive cafés, hotels, and restaurants that dot the street. Abdi Ipekçi Street has a reputation of being the most expensive streets in Turkey.

Avenue Louise
Where: Brussels, Belgium

Lined with designer boutiques, art-deco mansions and manicured parks, Brussels’ Avenue Louise is one of the chic shopping districts. It is famous for Belgian specialties like lace, glassware, and sugar biscuits that make the locals go ga-ga; not to forget beer. And who would like to miss out on the world-famous Belgian chocolates?

Avenue Montaigne
Where: Paris, France

Fashion and Paris go hand-in-hand, and it is no surprise that the Avenue Montaigne in Paris specializes in high fashion. Lined with luxurious boutiques and top-end jewelry stores, this is Paris’ fanciest avenue. With the likes of Louis Vuitton and Bulgari, sophistication is the key word to be remembered here while splurging.

Avinguda Diagonal
Where: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona’s three-mile Avinguda Diagonal is the place to head to if you’re looking for international fashion. The street itself will present you with a pleasant mix of Gothic and modern architecture. Do remember to check out the fine cafés famous for tapas.

Bağdat Caddesi
Where: Istanbul, Turkey

Ever been to a large open-air shopping mall? That’s what this street in Istanbul is known as. It offers world famous brands in elegant shops, restaurants that satiate every hungry taste bud, and pubs for the thirsty shopper. Bağdat Caddesi also has luxury car dealers, department stores, and shopping malls.

Where: Zurich, Switzerland

If you intend to spend like royalty, then Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse is the place to be. It is considered to be the most expensive and exclusive shopping avenue in Europe, and stretches almost a mile. Pick up your Swiss watch, jewelry, and accessories from this avenue. Lest you forget, the Confiserie Sprüngli, the famous chocolate shop, is located on the Paradeplatz square.

Bond Street
Where: London, England

The name’s Bond! Expensive, elegant, and posh Bond Street in London is home to designer clothes, colognes, art, and antiques. If you’re not intending to shop here, you are most welcome to window shop. Let your eyes have a visual treat of elegant homes of distinguished people that stand as a backdrop for the expensive shops that the street holds.

Best Adventure Vacation for Family


If hiking in the hilly regions and walking in the wilds is something you enjoy doing, go trekking. Weather conditions and topography must be taken into account before planning a trek. If you are a trekker, you will love to explore the Himalayan regions in India. The Andes in South America is another popular destination for trekking. Alaska’s autumn forests, the rainforests of Australia and Africa, and the Kilimanjaro range in Africa offer some of the top trekking destinations. The Ladakh range in India, High Sierra in California, Mount Kenya, and the Swiss Alps are some other tourist destinations that are largely visited by trekkers from around the world. There are several walking and climbing routes in Mount Kenya that are used by hikers coming on an adventure tour to this region. The Alps of Switzerland is one of the most-visited tourist spots in the world. Construction of tourist facilities such as hotels and mountain huts began in the mid-nineteenth century and the Swiss Alps became a popular choice for trekking.


Some enjoy sailing to marinas, which provide tourists with convenient docks and easy access to restaurants. Some prefer to visit sheltered bays and calm waters, while others may like to sail on a yacht to the high seas of Goa. If you enjoy nature’s company, you can choose to go sailing in the quiet river waters with your family, watching sea birds and enjoying the cool breeze. Some of you might like to cruise in the marinas, chatting with your dear ones over a glass of wine or engage in water sports to add a tinge of adventure to your sailing holiday. The Exumas in Bahamas, the Whitsunday Islands in Australia, the British Virgin Island, and the Caribbean waters offer some good tourist spots for an adventure vacation with the family.

Adventure Sports

Some of you might like to explore the coral reefs of Mauritius or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and discover the depths of the blue seas on a scuba diving or snorkeling vacation. If riding the waves is what you like, kitesurfing will provide you with that element of adventure. The white, sandy beaches of Hawaii, Tarifa, and Tenerife in Spain, and Boracay in Philippines offer some of the best kiteboarding destinations. Parasailing gives you a sense of freedom. For a bird’s-eye view of the ocean, you can visit parasailing destinations like Kerala and Goa.

River Rafting

Whitewater rafting originated way back in 1842 but became a popular sport only in the mid 1970s. Does this adventure sport interest you? If you would like to experience the thrills and chills of the white waters, go rafting on the deadly rapids. The white waters of River Ganges in the Himalayas, River Brahmaputra in Arunachal Pradesh, and the Colorado River of the Grand Canyon offer some of the world’s best destinations for rafting.

Exploring the Wild

Exploring the wilderness of the forests is one of the best adventure vacation ideas. Spend time discovering the wildlife and observe habitats of wild animals. Such a trip will not only rejuvenate your mind but also teach children the importance of nature and wildlife conservation. The Wild Animal Safari in the Pine Mountain in Georgia hosts a rich animal reserve. The Chobe National Park in Botswana, the Kruger National Park in South Africa, and the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania serve as some of the excellent tourist spots for a trip with your family. Bird watching is another interesting activity to spend a holiday. Rio Grande valley and the pine forests of East Texas are popular bird watching destinations. Some tourist companies offer packages that include watching tropical and ocean birds.


How about riding down an ocean wave while standing on a surfboard? Surfing is a favorite sport of many. If you are one of them, plan your vacations around the surfing destinations in different parts of the world. Hawaii is considered as the original home of surfing. Hawaii beaches are a popular tourist attraction. The wild waters of the north shore of Oahu in Hawaii, the Pacific coast of California, the western coastline of France, and the Sunshine coast in Australia are some of the most popular surfing destinations in the world.


Camping is a good way to enjoy both fun and adventure. Just sitting around the campfire, cooking together, playing fun games, or chatting all night long in the tent; family camping turns out to be a time well-spent with your loved ones. When camping near a lake or river, you can engage in fun activities like swimming and fishing during the day. If the campground is near a mountain, you may like to enjoy the mountain view or go hiking to explore the hilly terrains. Cornwall in Southwestern England, New Hampshire in North America, and north-Indian states like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand offer some good camping destinations.

Unearthing Archaeological Sites

If mysteries interest you, plan a vacation to Egypt and explore its archaeological wealth, the Egyptian Pyramids, or Mohenjo-daro, a city of the Indus Valley Civilization. The latter is one of the most explored archaeological sites in the world. Ciudad Perdida, San Agustin, and the tombs at Tierradentro in Colombia, Machu Picchu in Peru, and the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations are some other famous archaeological vacation destinations.

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Diving Adventures for Meet Shark

South Ari Atoll, Maldives

South Ari Atoll is a marine protected area, which is a haven for whale sharks. They tend to the frequent the western side of the Indian Ocean archipelago from May to December, and head east until April. The Conrad Rengali Island Resort, in collaboration with the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme (MWSRP) conducts snorkeling tours to go shark spotting. There are also several other island resorts that conduct such trips, so you’re spoiled for choice. Another plus is that you don’t have to be a certified snorkeling professional to be diving here; you simply need to know how to swim.

Species found
The whale shark, which is the largest known extant fish species in the world.

Best time to visit
All year round.

Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Cocos Island is a paradise-like place, owing largely to the fact that it is a marine national park which has seen little to none human interference in ages. You’ll find 20 diving sites here on the island, out of which the Bajo Alcyone is said to be the place for hammerhead encounters. The only way to get here is to get on a liveboard boat (either the Undersea Hunter, or the Okeanos Aggressor) which operates from the town of Puntarenas, and completes the 36-hour ride to come to Cocos.

Species found
The scalloped hammerheads are the specialty of the island; with divers having witnessed hundreds of these in one go. You’ll also find whitetip reef sharks, Galapagos, silky, tiger, blacktip, silvertip, and guitar sharks.

Best time to visit
The dry season, from December to May offers clear views over 100 feet, along with calm waters. If you’re looking to be adventurous, though, you’d rather be here during the rainy season (June to December), when the upsurge of plankton causes the area to be flooded with sharks, although the visibility is drastically reduced. The seas also get rougher, just so you know that this is only meant for experienced divers.
Please note: On the whole, Cocos Island is not meant for beginners.

Tiger Beach and Bimini Island, The Bahamas

The Bahamas have a long-standing reputation as a diving haven. Tiger Beach has been associated with tiger shark sightings for years, so this is a perfect spot to find your share of thrills. Plus, divers from all levels of expertise are welcome here. Bimini Island is known for its resident bull sharks, which enjoy and flourish under protected status, along with 40 other species of sharks. Open swimming in Bimini is not permitted, and the only way you can experience these sharks up close is by being in a cage. Anyone over the age of six is permitted to take a caged dip in the sea to view the sharks. Bahamas Shark Diving and Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center offer dive boats along with complete diving equipment to enthusiasts visiting Bimini.

Species found
Tiger sharks are the mainstay of the Bahamas; besides, you’ll also find lemon sharks, bull sharks, along with silkies, and even chance an encounter with the great hammerheads.

Best time to visit
All year round.

Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Guadalupe is a small island off the Baja California peninsula, and holds the quaint distinction of being the best spot for great white shark spotting. The water here is distinctly blue and crystal-clear, which means that your views will be unobstructed from a distance. Shark encounters here are mostly caged, because you obviously don’t wanna mess with the great whites. Great White Adventures and Shark Divers are two stellar companies that organize cage dives here, so you may want to check their websites for details.

Species found
Great whites, Pacific blues, and oceanic whitetip sharks.

Best time to visit
August to October.

Seal Island, South Africa

Seal Island is situated off the South African coast, less than an hour’s boat ride from Cape Town. The waters around the island may not score high on the visibility factor, but rest assured that the great whites will make their presence felt. Seal Island is home to the Cape fur seals, known to be the great white’s favorite snack. Mind you, with the great white in the vicinity, your diving will be caged. African Shark Eco-Charters specialize in cage diving, and operates from False Bay. Seal Island Express also conducts cage diving tours, and is based in False Bay as well.

Species found
Great white sharks.

Best time to visit
April to mid-September

Oahu, Hawaii

The Pacific waters surrounding Hawaii contain more than 40 species of sharks. Diving here can be free or caged, depending upon your level of comfort and expertise. Hawaii Shark Encounters provide caged excursions that combine the thrill of diving with educational inputs, and is a fantastic option for youngsters. North Shore Shark Adventures also take you three miles into Oahu’s gorgeous North Shore to view sharks in all their glory; these encounters are caged as well.

Species found
Pygmies, whale sharks, reef sharks, sandbars, Galapagos, and hammerheads.

Best time to visit
All year round.

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Adventurous is what best describes the experience at KwaZulu-Natal, with the great white shark being in attendance. But besides these sea monsters, you’ll also find other shark species that are not as scary to hang out with. Shark Cage Diving KZN takes you to the deep sea for a close encounter with the great whites. Aliwal Shoal is a place off the coast of KZN, and this is where you need to go if you fancy the no-cage experience with the great whites.

Species found
Tiger sharks, bull sharks, copper sharks, and of course, the great whites.

Best time to visit
June to August, when sardines numbering in millions migrate northward along the KwaZulu-Natal coast, with all the sharks in hot pursuit.

Channel Islands, USA

The Channel Islands are known for their rich biological diversity, historic shipwrecks and sea caves, and the significant number of shark species that hover in dense kelp forests that lie beneath the waters. Islander Charters takes tourists into the Pacific for shark encounters, as do Horizon Charters Dive and Eco-Adventures.

Species found
Blue sharks, horn sharks, soupfins, and Pacific angel sharks, with a rare chance of a great white too.

Best time to visit
All year round.

Red Sea, Egypt

Feeding and baiting sharks is outlawed in Egypt, which has immensely contributed to the well-being of the species inhabiting the Red Sea. This way, sharks do not associate humans with food, and rarely regard their presence as interfering. As a result, the diving experience here is peaceful and subliminal. Shark School organizes free diving trips in the Red Sea, although mind you, the currents here can be pretty strong, so prior diving experience is mandatory.

Species found
The clear waters of the Red Sea is where you’ll find the exclusive oceanic white tip sharks and snaggletooth sharks.

Best time to visit
All year round.

South Mahé, Seychelles

Seychelles has been quite active in the field of shark conservation and studies, with some of the earliest whale shark recordings coming from here. Dive Resort Seychelles, in collaboration with the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles (MCSS) conducts diving tours for amateurs and experts around the lesser-known locales of South Mahé. Proceeds from certain excursions are forwarded to the MCSS.

Species found
Whale sharks and reef sharks.

Best time to visit
Whale sharks migrate past Mahé from August to November, with peak sightings being made in the month of October.
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Best Place for Snorkeling in The World

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Fernando de Noronha sits around 300 miles off the Brazilian coastline, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Take a dip in the Baia Do Sancho, which is home to some huge sea turtles. The waters are the calmest through August to December, but you have to plan this trip in advance, as they accept a restricted number of visitors each year.

Dean’s Blue Hole, The Bahamas
Dean’s Blue Hole is thought to be the world’s deepest blue hole, and the area surrounding it is a haven for snorkelers. It is possible to circumnavigate the hole, where the depth changes from 5 feet to a jaw-dropping 600 feet in a matter of a few laps. While you’re under, keep an eye out for turtles, dolphins, and porpoises.

Uepi Island, Solomon Islands
Uepi Island’s location off the northeastern coast of Australia should tell you everything you need to know. Uepi is a tiny barrier reef, with the Marovo Lagoon on one side, and a deep ocean on the other. A world-class snorkeling destination, people come here to dive in the clear, warm waters of the lagoon and get a glimpse of the beautiful chambered nautilus.

Menjangan Island, Bali, Indonesia
Menjangan is possibly Bali’s most protected treasure, and is a far cry from the otherwise crowded beaches that dot the main island. Menjangan offers some of the most stunning undersea visuals that include colorful corals and gorgeous sea creatures. The island itself is almost devoid of human habitation, so when you come here, come prepared with your gear and lots of sun block.

Maui, Hawaii
Name a water sport, and Hawaii has it on offer. Besides Hawaii’s obvious scenic surface beauty, the surrounding waters of the deep blue Pacific beckon all snorkeling enthusiasts. Once you take a dip, look out for the Hawaiian sea turtles, butterflyfish, and vibrant corals, clearly visible through the transparent waters.

Bay Islands, Honduras
Honduras has over 100 amazing snorkeling sites that come with high recommendations. There’s an extensive barrier reef which lies just a few hundred feet offshore from the northern side of Roatán island, and the inviting warm waters are home to tropical fish and corals of the Caribbean.

Bonaire, Leeward Antilles
Bonaire calls itself divers paradise, and with good reason. Divers and snorkelers from around the world come to Bonaire for its reputation as a premier diving destination. You’ll find the water warm and crystal clear, a feature that is typical of the Caribbean. The best things to see here are the corals and the seahorses.

Plaza Sur, Galápagos Islands
A tiny island in terms of size, Plaza Sur more than makes up for it through its oceanic wonders. Snorkelers who come here, get the awesome opportunity to come face to face with sea lions, regular inhabitants of the waters surrounding the island.

Grand Cayman Island
The reason to pack your gear and come to the Cayman Islands can be described in a single word – stingrays! Yes. Snorkeling here means that you get surrounded by hoards of Southern stingrays in sparkling clear waters.

No one needs a reason to come to Maldives. This cluster of islands in the Indian ocean sees a heavy influx of tourists every year, which includes a large number of snorkelers as well. Dive into the calm waters of the Indian ocean brimming with life, and view the corals, and perhaps even chance an encounter with the graceful lion fish.
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Best Places for Whitewater Rafting in the World

Zambezi River, Zimbabwe
Africa’s got some big thrills up its sleeve in the form of the Zambezi river. This slammer of a river is full of big Class IV-V rapids that deliver the huge adrenaline surge as promised. The Batoka Gorge is where the Zambezi twists and turns over 23 rapids, going on for a 15-mile stretch below the Victoria Falls. This is best described as the continent’s most thrilling rafting experience, right beneath the fearsome Victoria Falls.
Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
hen you’re surrounded by natural beauty of epic proportions, it’s kind of hard to concentrate on the task at hand. But a moment’s distraction in the Colorado river can toss your raft in no time. This stretch of the Colorado river has what is probably the largest Class V rapids in the United States, which beckons rafting enthusiasts from the world over. For the highly adventurous lot, late spring holds the best thrills, when the post-winter snow melts from the Rocky mountains bringing in some massive Class IV-V rapids.
Futaleufú River, Chile
Flowing through the Chilean Patagonia, the Futaleufú river is one of the largest whitewater resources in the world. When you come here, be prepared to face the gushing turquoise water that flows from the Andean glaciers. Besides the superb surroundings, the best part about rafting here is that it has something for everyone. Beginners will enjoy the simpler turns, leaving the Class V rapids for the experts.
White Nile, Uganda
The White Nile flows from the rather calm Lake Victoria, but soon bursts into a major force as it runs through Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Sudan. Rafting on the river, though, is best enjoyed when you’re in Uganda, with rapids touching Class V as you ride past the lush greenery. And now to the best part―rafting on the White Nile is permitted all year round, with nine Class V rapids.
Nothing beats the heady feeling you get after an adrenalin surge, while you indulge in an extreme sport. Whitewater rafting is sure to give you that very feeling, provided, of course, that you follow the necessary safety measures.

Guide to Plan an Amazing Trip to Amsterdam

Going to Amsterdam
The peak season to visit Amsterdam is between the months of June and September. Obviously, during this period, the city is crowded with tourists, and one has to pay higher prices for accommodation. Therefore, visiting the city during the off-season can be beneficial, in that you can not only avoid large crowds, but you will also get some really cheap lodging deals.
The off-season is from October to May; however, it should be noted that Amsterdam is cold and receives periodic showers during this time. So, if you are ready to experience the cold and wetness of the city, visit it during this time, and you will surely save a lot of bucks!
Booking Airline Tickets
Your very first step in planning a budget vacation to the gorgeous Dutch capital is to get good deals on airline tickets. While you can book directly from the airline itself, it is better to compare prices offered by various travel websites, such as Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz. These websites often have some of the best deals on airline tickets, which can help save a significant amount of money.
Staying in the City
Amsterdam offers a wide range of accommodations that can suit every budget. Hostels offer the cheapest accommodation in the city, especially if you are visiting during the off-season.
Peak season prices are much higher, as mentioned above. There are a number of budget hotels and B&Bs as well. It should be kept in mind that cheap accommodation options will not offer you many services. Moreover, they might not even have elevators, but only steep staircases. However, if you are willing to compromise on the amenities, these places can help save a substantial amount of money.
Getting Around the City
According to Lonely Planet, the taxis of Amsterdam are amongst the most expensive ones in the whole of Europe. So, opt for them only if you have no other option. The cheapest, rather free, option to get around the city is on foot. It is absolutely overwhelming to walk around Amsterdam and explore its culture. If you intend to make longer commutes, trams and buses are affordable options.

However, if you wish to avoid public transport and explore the city on your own, you can also rent a bicycle from one of the local agencies for an affordable cash deposit.
Food and Drink
Amsterdam has numerous cheap snacking options to choose from; however, these are not always healthy. If you are looking for a budget meal, the various Falafel and Shawarma restaurants in the city are excellent options. Avoid eating fast food snacks from coin-operated walls―the quality can be really horrible. Indulge in drinks at hostels as they offer some of the best deals in the city.
Most have their own bars that offer really cheap beers. Coffee shops can be found in abundance around the city, which also offer an extremely cozy atmosphere.
✲ Quick Tip: Due to the legal drug culture in Amsterdam, some of its coffee shops and snack bars do use them in their preparations. So, if you are buying food for your family, do not hesitate to inquire whether any drugs have been used in the items that you have ordered.
The key to plan an affordable trip to Amsterdam is to plan well in advance. However, once you are in the city, it is also very important that you keep your hands away from your pockets for as long as possible. Amsterdam has several tourist traps, and you never seem to realize how and where you tend to spend. So, enjoy Amsterdam, but do not get carried away by its glitz and glamor.