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Travel Hacks to Oregon

What kind of an Oregon trip are you looking for?
For starters, you need to pick a few activities that are on your mind, since that will decide which part of the state you’ll be heading to. Having said that, it doesn’t matter if all you want to do is nothing, since a vacation in Oregon can be a complete leisure/pleasure trip as well.
What is the best time to be there?
Any time is a good time to be in Oregon, as most of the state experiences mild winters and dry summers. The western third of the state sees heavy rainfall during the winters owing to its proximity to the ocean. So, if you’re planning a Pacific coastline road trip, schedule your trip in the summer. The deserts of central Oregon sees visitors both in the summer and winter as well, bringing trekkers and skiers in the respective seasons. If a visit to the Willamette Valley is on the agenda, the summer season would be perfect to visit the wineries in the region. Also, October would be a great time to visit if you’re interested in the grape harvesting season.
What is the best means of transport to get around?
Most tourists coming here love to indulge in outdoor activities that the state is famous for. The best means to travel within the state would be by car, which makes way for flexible traveling, whether you wish to visit the national parks, hit the beach, or check out the wineries. Also, this is the only way to access the more remote regions of the state and spend your time at leisure. Car rentals in the state are fairly abundant, and fit most budgets. Keep in mind, however, that there are several remote areas, especially in the eastern part of the state where you’ll have trouble finding a gas station, so be vigilant about the gasoline levels in your car.
What can we look forward to experience?
The wineries and cuisine of Oregon have always been a tourist magnet. The mild weather yields some excellent natural produce, including berries and mushrooms. The locally-raised meats, along with seafood is what puts this state on the culinary map. The state is also home to several wineries, producing world-renowned Pinot Noirs.

Beijing’s Marvelous Attractions

Places to Visit in Beijing

The capital city of China, the mesmerizing Beijing, offers multitude of options for kids to enjoy their journey to the fullest. There are some fascinating tourist attractions in Beijing, dedicated exclusively to kids. Beijing attractions for kids include amusement parks, water parks, science museums and what not. Kids will have a life-time experience from their trip to Beijing because there are some excellent options for them to freely enjoy.

Journey Around the World in Beijing World Park
With nearly 1.5 million visitors flocking to this park, every year, it is not a surprise if you get lost in this huge 46.7 hectare area theme park. It was built in 1993 with the sole aim of providing its visitors unique experience of the world community without leaving Beijing. The most fascinating attraction inside this park is that it includes miniature models of nearly 100 famous world monuments. Right from India’s Taj Mahal to America’s Empire State building, it includes almost all monuments you can think about. It is open from April to October for visitors. Besides the opportunity to see world-class attractions in mini sized models, made almost of the same materials as the original one’s, this world park will give your kids a slide show depicting the world. The journey will make you feel as if you have seen the entire world in a day. Music, dance, food and drinks from different parts of the world are some other things that kids can enjoy in this park.

Get Mesmerized at Sony ExploraScience Museum
This science museum will amuse your kids to the core. It doesn’t matter, if they are still not interested in science, numerous things in this museum are bound to enthrall them. Located in Chaoyang Park, this high tech, interactive museum will certainly bewitch them by the wonders of latest technology and human interaction.

Experience the Real Kung Fu
Your family, especially your kids who must be in awe of the Kung Fu Panda, will be delighted to see some real Kung Fu fighting. In Beijing, Kung Fu shows are organized at various places, as a part of cultural events. Don’t you dare to miss them.

Be Friends with the Pandas
In the Beijing Zoo, kids will find numerous varieties of animals and they will also get a chance to see Pandas. Well, kids would certainly wish, if it was the Kung Fu panda, their cuddly Po. Observing rare Pandas from up close will really make your kids exhilarated.

Go for a Toy Shopping Bonanza
Chinese markets are known for variety of toys and that too, at affordable prices. Enter with your kids in famous toy markets in Beijing and you will find it difficult to leave it without buying anything. Stuffed pandas, helicopters, dolls and any other toy, you always wanted to gift to your kids, these toy super markets will surely be an answer to your kids dream world.

Explore the Phenomenal Marine World
Imagine watching killer sharks, sea lions and dolphins all through the windows in the walls of an aquarium. It would indeed be mesmerizing to experience marine life so closely. Hailed to be the largest inland aquarium in the world, the Beijing Aquarium in Haidian District, houses nearly 1,000 species of freshwater fish and marine animals. It is located inside the Beijing Zoo.

Sweat Out on the Greatest Wall in the World
One of the best Beijing attractions for kids is to explore the Great Wall of China. The most enjoyable section for children would be the Mutianyu section. It is the best preserved part of this magnificent wall and is opened to visitors. It consists of 22 watch towers in which you can go and watch the magnificent China and forest and woodland surrounding the Great wall. Your teenager kids will love some adventurous stuff on the Great Wall of China, like hiking or the cable car ride. You shouldn’t miss the experience of sleeping on the Great Wall because accommodation is provided in the watch towers.

The Land of Golden Sun and Sand in Australia

In the 17th century, numerous European explorers sailed the coast of Australia, then called New Holland. And then, it was in 1770 when the famous Captain James Cook came along, claiming it for Britain. Australia’s story is a rich and varied mix of events brimming with battlers, bushrangers, and soldiers, the aboriginal belief of a time called the Dreamtime, when noncreation created spirits and totemic ancestors – all which mainly outline its history and myth.

Australia is a place of neither bounds nor boundaries, where wild and humbling rain forests fringe brazen modern cities, throbbing with life. The unfathomable Aboriginal soul of the people who came there 50,000 years ago from South East Asia, during the last Ice Age, still thrives, uninterrupted by the whirlwind of urbanization. It is the sixth largest country in the world and has the lowest population density. It has bloomed into a raging zest of cultures, mingling landscapes of coasts, rain forests, deserts, mountains, cities, quaint towns, that all come together to form a heady and mellifluous whole, making it one of the dreamiest travel destinations in the world.

Melbourne, Victoria
Too much shall be missed in the blink of an eye in this place of elegance, bustling culture, and world-class events. There’s a generous amplitude of entertainment for everyone who comes here. The Queen Victoria Market for people who love to shop till they drop, picking berries on berry farms, and tasting in wineries for keen oenophiles; cafes, Italian trattorias, and fine restaurants for those devoted to pleasures of the table and wanting to experience all the flavors of the city and the world; kayaking down the Yarra River, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground for sports nuts; souls who’d like to lose themselves in hidden bars and sprawled surreptitious laneways; lovers of art, fashion, music, theater, and festivals; beaches such as St. Kilda to windsurf, sail, or kiteboard; ambling along the riverside experiencing the nightlife of Southbank that stretches along the Yarra River, and the Federation Square dotted with culture cafes, lush gardens, and a whole lot more! Melbourne has a perfect, dizzyingly-intoxicating mix for everybody. When here, you’ll find yourself believing that life’s certainly been unfair by not giving you an eternity to explore and experience the excitement of an opulent diversity!
Perth, Western Australia
Perth is the capital and the largest city situated in Western Australia. Swan River, skyscrapers, the night city-lights, 40 vineyards, and the Perth Zoo, Rottnest Island are among the many other things this city has to offer. Amaze yourself in the Botanic Garden with the burnished beauty and delirious diversity of wildflowers. You could indulge in some fresh seafood from the Indian Ocean at any of the restaurants on Fishing Boat Harbor. For the historically inclined, there is Fremantle Prison, the city’s first jail, and the old Shipwreck Museum in Cliff Street. There is a whole busking lot on the heritage-listed streets here. Sea lions, bottle-nosed dolphins, and humpback whales at Marmion Marine Park on Trigg Beach are the wild-friendly lot for you to meet. Cottesloe Beach is great for you to sit at swanky open-air cafes. You could scuba-dive shipwrecks from the seaside towns of Yanchep or Two Rock, and then, visit the picturesque laid-back Yanchep Lagoon for a lovely picnic.

Ideal Honeymoon Destinations

Neither of the two should solely choose where to go for the honeymoon. You two will be there with each other, right? Then why should the destination be opted single-handedly? Take some time out of the wedding preparations, sit down with this list, and decide on the destination together.
Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is a destination favored by adventure-loving couples who love winter sports like backcountry skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice skating, and dog sledding. However, you don’t necessarily have to visit Aspen during the winter. If you’re looking to travel here when the weather’s at its best, the months of summer provide gorgeous temperatures between 70s and 80s. There are many summer sports as well that you can take part in such as hiking (the Aspen Four-Pass Loop), llama trekking, river rafting, horseback riding, and mountain biking. Also, you can find the best prices on hotels, lodges, and B&B’s here in the months of September and October. The months from November to March and July to end of August (peak travel times) are also suitable. Traveling around Aspen is convenient as you can easily rent a car, taxi, shuttle, or travel by bus. There are tons of restaurants, clubs, and lounges in downtown Aspen where cuisines from around the world are served. You can also enjoy the day going on jeep tours, hot air balloon rides, visiting galleries, or spending time shopping.

Big Sur, California
If you’ve traveled around California, you know that the entire state has diverse attractions that bring millions of tourist from around the world. Although Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Sacramento are favored by many tourists, there are other gorgeous places to be seen in the state; and one such place is Big Sur. The 72-mile coastal highway hugs the Pacific coast, making this place one of the best scenic destinations in the United States. Big Sur is home to major attractions like Bixby Creek Bridge (a 714 feet long and 260 feet high single-span bridge), lunch at Nepenthe with a view of the 50-mile coastline, 9 national parks (one of which is Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park that has an 80-foot waterfall dropping from the cliffs and going into the ocean) where you can hike, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (267 miles of diverse marine ecosystem) where you can scuba dive, kayak, and see whales, and Caramel Mission Basilica (5-acre Roman Catholic mission church that has Spanish Colonial style architecture in Carmel).

Colombia’s Travel Tips

The tourism industry in Colombia, for decades, has been affected by unsafe conditions resulting from social unrest. The civil conflicts, guerrilla warfare, and frequent outbreaks of violence has rendered this country as one of South America’s most dangerous regions to travel to. The situation is however, slowly changing. The number of tourists visiting this country rose from 0.5 million in 2003 to 1.4 million in 2010. The efforts taken by the government for promoting peace are mainly responsible for this change. Before getting into the information about tourism and related aspects, let us find some general information about Colombia.

The main language spoken in Colombia is Spanish. Population of this nation is over 46 million. Mestizos (people of mixed Native American and European heritage) form around 50% of the population of Colombia, white people from European descent form 26% of the population. The remaining people are American and Afro-Colombian. Let us find some useful information regarding travel to Colombia.

Travel Guide for Columbia

It is said that travelers to Colombia need to be vigilant, as the crime rate in this country is quite high. Kidnapping and homicide are the crimes that take place frequently. However, if the tourists visiting Colombia take some precautions, they are less likely to get into any kind of trouble. Let us keep aside the issue of violence for now, and look at the brighter side. Colombia is a country known for its rich natural resources and scenic beauty. The mountainous region in the vicinity of Bogota, Cali and Medellin are known to attract tourists. The Caribbean beaches of the east coast possess a great potential for development in the tourism sector. It is observed that elder citizens of this country blame the activities of drug trafficking and violence for the underdeveloped tourism industry. According to the people of Colombia, this region has great potential for the development of tourism.

Travel Tips for Tourists
Tourists from Europe and America can use Colombia’s national airline, Avianca (AV) for traveling to this country. The Bogotá (El Dorado International Airport) (BOG) is situated 8 miles to the east of this capital city of Colombia. One can make use of buses and taxis to travel to the heart of Bogota.

The banking services in Bogota and Cartagena take care of tourists’ needs . The tourists can use ATMs which, in most cases, are located inside the banks (for safety).
The country telephone code for Colombia is +57. Along with telephone centers, travelers can communicate via Internet cafes too. Hotels in the major cities also provide Internet services to their customers.
Tourists can purchase gold, platinum and other precious items, however, they have to present the proof of this purchase at the time of leaving the country. It is not allowed to take away pre-Colonial artifacts from this country.
It is important to take precautionary measures pertaining to healthcare before leaving for any foreign country. The environment in Colombia doesn’t pose any major health problem for tourists. However, getting a tetanus and hepatitis booster is always recommended.
The mannerism and etiquette of Colombians are greatly influenced by the Europeans. A handshake is commonly used for greeting. While traveling in public transport, people give up their seats for elderly citizens and women.

Popular Tourists Destinations
Here is some useful information on the tourist destinations in Colombia. There are many places one can visit in this country. The important Colombia vacation spots are given below.

La Candelaria
This place lies in the downtown of Bogota. It is famous for the Baroque and Colonial architectural buildings. Important places to visit in La Candelaria are the Botero Museum, Colon Theater, Gold Museum, etc.

This place is famous for its beaches. The Walls of Cartagena too are worth visiting. Construction of these walls started in the 16th century, and was completed by the end of 18th century. Thickness of these walls is up to 20 meters.

The knowledge of dos and don’ts during a trip to Colombia should make you aware of the precautionary measures to be followed. Colombia is a beautiful country with all the natural resources it possesses. With a little bit of caution and vigilance, you can make your Colombia traveling experience risk-free and very enjoyable.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Central America

Some of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Central America

Central America, called a subcontinent under some definitions, can be roughly described as the region between the two continents, namely North and South America. It includes the states of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Panama, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic as well. All these destinations have in turn, multiple spots for you to visit. On the west of Central America lies the North Pacific Ocean, while on the east lies the Caribbean Sea, giving you some great options in respect to beaches.

Destinations in Costa Rica
Undoubtedly, you will find some of the best honeymoon destinations here, as the main industry of the Republic of Costa Rica is tourism, which also gives us an idea about the number of options we have here. The first thing you need to do, if you’re on a long holiday, is to visit all the 7 natural wonders of Costa Rica, which are Cocos Island, Arenal Volcano (Alajuela), Chirripo Mountain, Light Blue River, Tortuguero Canals, Poás Volcano and the Monteverde Reserve. At the Poás Volcano, the main attraction is the crater. Other attractions that make Costa Rica one of the best honeymoon destinations are the coffee plantations at Orosi Valley, the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, and Manuel Antonio National Park. The Cocos Island is an eco-tourism spot, nominated for the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Destinations in El Salvador
El Salvador is the smallest country by area in Central America, but has some of the top honeymoon destinations. A country famous for its nightlife and numerous beaches, this should be your choice if you are looking for some absolute fun and nothing else. Every year, the country hosts a number of European and North American tourists. Some of the attractions you should visit together include the Coatepeque Lake, Laguna de Alegria and Moncagua (San Miguel). The beaches in El Salvador are renowned as Surfers Paradise, as they are among the top ten beaches globally, and have the best waves for surfing. Some of the best beaches here are La Libertad, Suchitoto, Playa Las Flores, Ruta Las Flores, Santa Ana, and La Palma. Also make sure you visit the village of Concepcion de Ataco and the San Diego Volcano.

Destinations in Belize
This is another nation were you will find some of the best honeymoon destinations in Central America. Although it is the northern most nation in Central America, Belize doesn’t get too many tourists as compared to its neighbor nations. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, you should finalize coming down to this nation. It is the least populated country in all of Central America. Two major attractions here that you can’t afford to miss are the Great Blue Hole (Ambergris Caye) and the Ruins of Xunantunich (San Ignacio Town). Other places worth a visit are Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Reserve and Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Temple of the Masonry Altars, the highest temple pyramid of Altun Ha, is another wonderful tourist spot along with the archaeological site of Lamanai. While at Belize, don’t forget the Placencia Peninsula in Stann Creek District.

Some Other Destinations in Central America

While the ones mentioned above are some of the most unique and best honeymoon destinations, there are a few more, that might just interest you. The other nations in Central America may not have such a huge number of destinations, but they’re unique and globally renowned nonetheless. If you plan to visit Panama, do visit the numerous national parks it hosts, and of course, the Panama Canal, which is an example of exceptional engineering the world has ever seen. While in Guatemala, you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Anitgua and the famous Mayan Ruins in Tikal. The Mombacho Volcano in Nicaragua, and the beaches in Honduras such as Roatan and Utila, are also worth a visit or a stay. A visit to Corn Island in Nicaragua is also a must.

These were some of the best honeymoon destinations in Central America, which you can research about more and then zero in on one. These top vacation spots in Central America offer you lots of adventure, some great time on the beaches, unique natural formations, a great diversity in flora and fauna, a mystic culture, and some great food cooked in world famous spices. It is perhaps the only subcontinent that has abundance in every aspect you can think of. Plan well ahead of time to make the most out of your trip.

Nice Place in Puerto Rico

The island of Puerto Rico has some of the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets to offer those looking for a breathtaking vacation. This archipelago, which has one main island of Puerto Rico and number of smaller isles, are scenic beyond belief. This beautiful location caters to the needs of a romantic, adventurous and relaxing vacation. To experience this magical vacation you need to know the right places to visit in Puerto Rico, so that you make the best of each day. Dump all those tourist guides and trash the guide books, for they will only show you the cliches.

Tourist Attractions in Puerto Rico

Rio Camuy Caves
In you are in a mood for a little bit of adventure, you have got to see these caves. Archaeologists discovered them in 1950s near Lares. They were made by Taino Indians, which were the indigenous tribe in the ancient region. These caves have huge deposits of limestone. There are over 220 caves and 17 entrances, which makes it the biggest network of caves in the world. These caves are also a home for 13 species of bats. An interesting fact about this location is that there are over 800 caves still left to be discovered. So, there’s quite a chance you might lead another exploration whilst you are on your tour!

Lagoon Tortuguero
If something relaxing and soothing is your idea of this Puerto Rican vacation, look no further. Lagoon Tortuguero, a natural water reserve, which is a home to over 700 species of plants is one of the places filled with views, which are sure to leave you looking for words! One can go hiking, kayaking and boating to see the diverse ecological reserve of this lagoon closely. If nothing else, watching the sunset at this lagoon is a totally enigmatic experience.

El Arsenal
One cannot miss out on a lesson in history, while visiting Puerto Rico. The military base of Old San Juan, which was built in 1800 by the Spaniards after the Spanish-American war is a historical site worth a visit. Its Roman architecture, has been turned into an Institute of Puerto Rican culture. The historically significant place is a home to Puerto Rican art and culture.

El Yunque
Get a glimpse of Puerto Rican rainforest at El Yunque, which is elevated by the Rocky Mountains. Walk the lush green trails and climb a few peaks to experience the beautifully preserved rainforest. The forest is actually known as ‘Yuquiyu’, which means ‘Forest of Clouds’. Spanning over 28,000 acres, this place is home to 240 species of plants.

Culebra Island
The literal translation of this island is ‘Snake Island’. It is named so, only because of its shape. This beautiful tourist destination has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Flamenco beach, which ranks number two amongst world’s exotic beaches is a must see. You can see some of the rare under water reefs by scuba diving at the beach.

Make sure you carry a camera along with you to capture the priceless moments you are likely to experience there. Puerto Rico is known as La Isla de Encanto, or the Island of Enchantment. With great weather and exceptionally well-maintained landscapes, a trip to this island is definitely going to be the most rewarding one. To experience the best of this place, visit the pubs and restaurants and befriend a few locals. There is no greater way to explore a place than doing it with the natives. Besides the places, try out the coastal cuisines and delicacies to get the real flavor of Puerto Rico!

Exciting Vacation Spots in Canada

Canada is a vast country with six different time zones. It is surrounded by the contrasting Pacific and Atlantic seaboards. It has many rivers and lakes that can satisfy your urge to do some fishing or enjoy water sports. It offers a variety of sightseeing options, ranging from the urban centers like Ottawa and Toronto to the lonely and isolated Eskimo regions alongside the frozen seashores of the Hudson Bay.

Besides, the Rocky Mountains provide some breathtaking views of the valleys below. Here are some of the happening places to visit, or things to do, which will serve as a guide to an exciting tour of this large country.


Famous ByWard Market, Ottawa
Rideau Canal Boat Ride

The capital city, Ottawa is famous for its historic Rideau Canal, which is connected to the Ottawa river. Also, the Parliament building is a historical monument worth paying a visit to. You will also get to see a perfect blend of traditional and modern art in the various museums across the city. The Canadian Museum of History is one of them. Many historical artifacts are preserved here, along with their background information. The National Gallery is one more place which has a magnificent collection of photographs, sculptures, and artwork of many famous artists such as the Group of Seven, Tom Thomson, Monet, Picasso, Renoir, Van Gogh, Bacon, etc. If you are a crazy shopper, especially one who loves outdoor shopping, then ByWard Market is the place for you. This market dates back to more than 200 years. With a cheerful atmosphere at any time of the day, this place is an absolute must-see.

Banff Gondola

A gondola ride is the best thing to do in the Banff National Park, situated in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It boasts of extremely breathtaking bird’s eye views across 360 degrees during the eight-minute ride to the top of Sulphur Mountain. The gondola ride elevates you from a height of 698 m to 2,281 m. After arriving at the upper terminal, there is no end to the fun and adventure. The Banff Summit Walk is a 1km long self-guided route, that takes you to the Sanson’s Peak Meteorological Station and the Cosmic Ray Station National Historic Site. The interactive ‘Giant Compass’ is also present at the upper summit terminal rooftop. Encountering the conserved local wildlife including the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep is an unforgettable experience. Though these animals are friendly for most parts, it is still advisable to keep a safe distance, as they are wild animals after all.

Birthplace Of Wine

 The Georgians invented wine making sometime in the 6th millennium BC, and so they’ve had plenty of time to perfect the art. The country’s medieval monasteries were veritable universities of viticulture, keeping meticulous records about grape varieties, terroir, and factors which affected production. Members of the church congregation were expected to tithe a certain amount of the wine they made for use as sacramental wine, and it was the most valuable asset that many of the churches possessed. Priests fortified the church wine sellers, and would defend them to the death!

Many of Georgia’s wine makers still produce wine using traditional techniques, and the resulting flavour is quite different from that of wines made using European methods.  Firstly, every part of the grape — including the skin, seeds, and even stalk — is fermented along with the juice. This gives the white wines a much darker colour, and hence they are known as amber or orange wines. The wine is fermented in a qvevri, a pointed terracotta vessel similar to an amphora, which is buried in the floor of the wine cellar. The qvevri is lined with lime and beeswax, and as it is subterranean, the wine is at a constant temperature throughout the fermentation process. Due to its shape, the sediment naturally sinks to the bottom, so there’s no need for the wine maker to add sulphites to separate it from the wine.

It seems that every Georgian you meet has knowledge to impart about wine making! But as you travel around the country, there are definite spots of historical significance, and centres of expertise.

The earliest parts of the Uplistsikhe Archaeological Museum date from the 10th century BC. It’s a rock-cut monastery complex, similar in many ways to Cappadocia in Turkey, and amidst the vaulted caves is evidence of early wine production: 3m-long troughs in the rock where grapes were crushed under foot, and narrow channels through which the juice would flow into secondary troughs or pots.

The Ikalto Monastery, near Telavi, was an ancient academy, where priests were trained in theology, rhetoric, astronomy, philosophy, and wine making: the pillars of a good education. The recently restored complex of churches and  ecclesiastical buildings is scattered with grape presses and wine cellars, and lines of discarded qvevris.

Any places where to experience the Northern Lights

Why Northern Lights in Autumn?

For a start, it’s usually much warmer than the deep artic winter, so you won’t normally have to get kitted out in snowsuits or ski-gear. There is a chance of some snow and it’s not going to be tropical, but jeans and a heavy jacket will usually do the trick – maybe with a thermal vest underneath if things get a little chillier.

Most importantly for the avid Aurora Borealis hunter is that the snow clouds have not yet gathered in earnest and so the skies are much clearer. Cloud cover is the enemy, so the better the weather the better your chances of a sighting.

The lights are at their most frequent in late autumn, but the later you go the more the risk your hike will turn into a snowshoe trek so it’s your call.

September 21st is the start of the season so any time after that and you should be in with a good shot.

While September, October and November can produce Auroras to watch any of the deep winter months there are no guarantees any time of year.

The longer you stay and the more time you set aside the higher the chance you’ll see one or more displays. We’re also currently in the liveliest phase of the eleven-year solar cycle so now is the time to seek out this fickle phenomenon.

As well as the lights, there are a wealth of other things to see that are unique to the autumn months. While in winter some wildlife are still up and about, there are so many more that are active in autumn. It’s a particularly good time for bird watching as it’s the migratory season.

The autumn colours in the forests provide an unbelievable backdrop to see the lights, as the contrast between the amber tones of the trees and green of the Aurora is simply mystical, all made more intense by the depth of the darkness that surrounds it.

Where to see the Northern Lights?

As the name suggests, you’ll need to head north to catch a glimpse of the Lights’ ethereal show but beyond that it’s up to you as there various options to choose from.