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The Land of Golden Sun and Sand in Australia

In the 17th century, numerous European explorers sailed the coast of Australia, then called New Holland. And then, it was in 1770 when the famous Captain James Cook came along, claiming it for Britain. Australia’s story is a rich and varied mix of events brimming with battlers, bushrangers, and soldiers, the aboriginal belief of a time called the Dreamtime, when noncreation created spirits and totemic ancestors – all which mainly outline its history and myth.

Australia is a place of neither bounds nor boundaries, where wild and humbling rain forests fringe brazen modern cities, throbbing with life. The unfathomable Aboriginal soul of the people who came there 50,000 years ago from South East Asia, during the last Ice Age, still thrives, uninterrupted by the whirlwind of urbanization. It is the sixth largest country in the world and has the lowest population density. It has bloomed into a raging zest of cultures, mingling landscapes of coasts, rain forests, deserts, mountains, cities, quaint towns, that all come together to form a heady and mellifluous whole, making it one of the dreamiest travel destinations in the world.

Melbourne, Victoria
Too much shall be missed in the blink of an eye in this place of elegance, bustling culture, and world-class events. There’s a generous amplitude of entertainment for everyone who comes here. The Queen Victoria Market for people who love to shop till they drop, picking berries on berry farms, and tasting in wineries for keen oenophiles; cafes, Italian trattorias, and fine restaurants for those devoted to pleasures of the table and wanting to experience all the flavors of the city and the world; kayaking down the Yarra River, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground for sports nuts; souls who’d like to lose themselves in hidden bars and sprawled surreptitious laneways; lovers of art, fashion, music, theater, and festivals; beaches such as St. Kilda to windsurf, sail, or kiteboard; ambling along the riverside experiencing the nightlife of Southbank that stretches along the Yarra River, and the Federation Square dotted with culture cafes, lush gardens, and a whole lot more! Melbourne has a perfect, dizzyingly-intoxicating mix for everybody. When here, you’ll find yourself believing that life’s certainly been unfair by not giving you an eternity to explore and experience the excitement of an opulent diversity!
Perth, Western Australia
Perth is the capital and the largest city situated in Western Australia. Swan River, skyscrapers, the night city-lights, 40 vineyards, and the Perth Zoo, Rottnest Island are among the many other things this city has to offer. Amaze yourself in the Botanic Garden with the burnished beauty and delirious diversity of wildflowers. You could indulge in some fresh seafood from the Indian Ocean at any of the restaurants on Fishing Boat Harbor. For the historically inclined, there is Fremantle Prison, the city’s first jail, and the old Shipwreck Museum in Cliff Street. There is a whole busking lot on the heritage-listed streets here. Sea lions, bottle-nosed dolphins, and humpback whales at Marmion Marine Park on Trigg Beach are the wild-friendly lot for you to meet. Cottesloe Beach is great for you to sit at swanky open-air cafes. You could scuba-dive shipwrecks from the seaside towns of Yanchep or Two Rock, and then, visit the picturesque laid-back Yanchep Lagoon for a lovely picnic.